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Standing Timber Insurance

The risks to standing timber are real.

Growing timber is a huge investment:  time, money, labor, and maintenance.

Davis-Garvin has an affordable standing timber insurance program that can remove the worry and help protect your investment by transferring some of the risks normally associated with timberland ownership. Risks like: wind, flood, ice, theft, lightning and fire to name just a few.
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Each claim covered will be adjusted separately and from the amount of each adjusted claim a deductible of 5% of the total value per risk insured or a minimum of $500 will apply.

Timber Valuation
Merchantable Trees - The basis of the loss valuation will be the market value of the salable trees at the time of the loss, less any salvage amounts. The landowner/timber manager will determine the value to be placed on the trees for premium determination.

Non-merchantable Trees - Value will be based upon the costs of site preparation, planting and maintenance, plus 7% per annum compounded annually.

Rating Stucture
Premium is based on the estimated value of the timber at the policy inception.

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